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Chef Andy

Hey, I am Chef Andy 

After finishing runner up on season five of Masterchef Canada Andy completely flipped his life on its head. He left his comfortable career as a digital marketing executive, to chase his true passion; Cooking.

“For years I have had an obsession with food. Beyond simply eating something delicious, I have been fascinated by the process of cooking. The heat, sounds, smells, successes, and failures. To me cooking is meditative. A creative and physical outlet that allows me to relax, focus, and explore”

Since taking the leap, Andy hasn’t looked back. From cooking for celebrities to building his digital following, everything Andy does is 100% focused around food.  

“We called Andy a week before the event and asked if he could pull off an “east coast” experience for 60 people coming from around the world. Andy and his team were up for thechallenge and were even able to accommodate a number of dietary restrictions as well.  Our group had representatives from all over North America, the UK and France and collectively described the experience as “memorable”. At the end of the day, the food was incredible and the experience you get with it takes it over the top."

My Favorite ChefTorial

Trends show that preferred dinner parties are tapas style with guests grazing for a longer periods of time. Prior to the tutorial, we will recommend a fabulous wine pairing to enhance the dining experience.

Oysters 3-Ways Raw with Kiwi Granita and Mango/Passion Fruit Mignonette, Cooked Rockefeller

Beef Carpaccio with Shaved Parmesan and Arugula


Chocolate Basil Creme Brulee