If you are a Chef that lives and breathes cooking, then ChefTorial provides the opportunity for you to flex your skills and get paid handsomely for the effort. You can participate on your schedule, so it does not affect your private employment schedule. We are a freelance chef talent agency offering unique opportunities for chefs around the planet.


ChefTorial, a division of The Chef Group Inc, offers online, live and interactive public and private culinary instruction Group classes are a maximum of 1 hour. Private classes are a maximum of 2 hours.


  • Public ChefTorials are $9.95 ticket price for 2 client to attend (includes a $1.50 service charge) (100 maximum)

  • Private class prices  Retail - $498 (12 pp)

  • CHEFs receive a pre-negotiated % of the total revenue for each event they are booked before taxes                                              (subject to change with a 30 day notice)

For our clients to choose your ChefTorial class our website must feature elements of your skills, chosen course menus and a photo that says, I’m cool! Take a moment to complete the form below in its entirety so that all insurance, legal and administrative elements can be completed, and that we can feature you properly on the website. When you have completed the form, simply press the SEND button and our admin office will be pleased to feature you on our website. Please understand that all the information requested in the form is required in order to complete your presentation on the ChefTorial website.

Let’s get started!!!!

1 Private & 1 Public ​


PRIVATE Course No: 1 - A 2-couse menu to one location, to a maximum of 12 persons. Demonstration including Q and A's that will last 2 -3 hours in duration.

PUBLIC Course No: 1 - A 1-2 course menu to one location, to a minimum of 4 /max 100 persons. Demonstration including Q and A's that will last 1 hours in duration.

Personal Bio - A little about yourself (50 words or less), to introduce you to your viewers on the ChefTorial Website.

Personal Photo - Preferably in a chef's jacket, portrait or action.

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Payroll Info: For Canadian residents, you will be treated as CONTRACT EMPLOYEES, which means that at the end of the year we will issue T4A's for private business.  For that, we will require your SIN number.

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