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Chef Ben

Hi, I am Chef Ben 

Ben Harris was born and raised to be a chef. His mother Valentina, a fantastic chef herself, made sure that he was constantly learning new recipes as a child, which developed into learning how to make fresh pasta at a school in Italy, and returning to the London restaurant scene, where over 15 years, amongst others he worked for Jamie
Oliver, and Gennaro Contaldo, although switched to assisting and occasionally teaching classes at Cucina Caldesi before starting his first business.


Beppinos Pasta was the original street food stand in London that sold fresh pasta – a technique Ben developed for the quickest, freshest possible service. He operated in front the Southbank Centre for four years before the market changed hands, where upon he began teaching again, both for private classes, and some backstage “here’s one I made earlier” tv and show work.

These days Ben can be found on the food show/festival scene teaching his famed fresh pasta or risotto classes, presenting the chefs to the stage as compere to chefs such as Ken Hom, Raymond Blanc, Jean Christophe Nouvelli, Gino D’Acampo, Theo Randall, and many more. He can also be found demonstrating for Love Food Hate Waste; tutoring people how to use every part of everything they buy, and cooking without wasting parts (you may not know quite how many uses a broccoli stem has, for example)…


Measurements are a guideline, your hands are the best tool. Ben teaches you how to make rice “sing”, and how to make your pasta go “pop”.


Ben combines both an intense passion for food, cooking techniques, and food history with a laid back and friendly personality that puts people easily at ease. He genuinely believes that food made by happy cooks tastes better, and tries to make the classes as informal, entertaining, and interesting as possible, whilst never losing focus on
the end product… Its something different, but never boring.