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Chef Cherrie

Hi, I am Chef Cherrie


I am a self taught chef and at an early age developed an interest for the culinary arts by watching my food show favorites; The Galloping Gourmet, Wok with Yan and Pasquale's Kitchen.  I envisioned myself being on stage with my own show!  After my parents separated, I was exposed to traditional German cuisine from my step grandmother; as well my step father was an avid hunter and fisherman who introduced me to both hunting and eating wild game and fish. 


My father loved to eat well; money was no object and on summer vacations he brought me to five-star/top rated restaurants across Canada.  My palate was spoiled, and I became a foodie and restaurant connoisseur at a very young age.  My parents were also amazing cooks, preparing Filipino recipes passed down over generations.   My childhood experiences are the foundation of the chef I am today; experimenting with exotic and traditional ingredients paired with all types of proteins to create a one of a kind dining adventure. 


I was fortunate to have worked a few years with VIA Rail both at the front and back of house as a Cook and Service Attendant.  I consider this one of my most memorable jobs as I travelled throughout our beautiful country and mentored with some of Canada’s premier chefs on the railway. 


My resume also includes working as a Mixologist, Front of House Server, Supervisor and Front of House Manager.  My entrepreneurial flare includes owning a Food Tour/Beverage Tasting Business, Taste This! Goûte Ça!  partnering with our resident Sommelier Tammy Brideau;  my husband and I were vendors at our local farmer’s market making quiche and pizza.  Lastly, for the past four years, I own and manage a successful catering company, The Little Olive Tree. 

My Favorite ChefTorial

Trends show that preferred dinner parties are tapas style with guests grazing for a longer periods of time. Prior to the tutorial, we will recommend a fabulous wine pairing to enhance the dining experience.

Oysters 3-Ways Raw with Kiwi Granita and Mango/Passion Fruit Mignonette, Cooked Rockefeller

Beef Carpaccio with Shaved Parmesan and Arugula


Chocolate Basil Creme Brulee