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Chef   Elise

Hi, I am Chef Elise

Growing up in a fishing family in a small town north of Seattle, I learned how to gut fish before I could tie my own shoes. My life is/was lived outside climbing trees, catching tadpoles, building tree & beach forts, sailing the San Juan Islands, working on fishing boats and treasure hunting on the shores of Puget Sound.


Over the years I have travelled all over the world working as well as cooking for friends, colleagues and even for hire. One of my favorite things is to sign on as chef on an expedition to remote parts of the world. I get to travel, make amazing new friends and see sights few ever get to see or experience. 


I lived aboard boats for over 10 years and in that time learned how to create amazing dishes on a two burner gimballed (moveable) stove and tiny oven. Now I live in a tiny home with only a 2 burner cooktop and a Traeger grill and I still can create amazing dishes. It’s all about being organized and timely. 


I am a completely self taught chef. With every mistake I’ve made, I learn and become more efficient in my skills. I bring my home cooking, small space, comfort food skills to the table and I promise you what I will teach you to make will be tasty, easy and a show stopper for your guests.