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Chef Gillian

Welcome Chef Gillian


Gillian has always loved her time in the kitchen and
has a lifelong passion for bringing people together
over memorable food experiences.

Her first dish she ever made by herself was a
...salmon loaf - so, thankfully she’s come a long
way from there.

While finishing her graduate diploma in
education in Australia, Gillian
worked closely with wine companies and
started hosting wine-pairing-style dinners from her

As the guests continued to return on the
regular, and request the recipes as well, Gillian was
inspired to start her own blog and business.
As of May 2010 “One Blonde Chef” became her alter ego,
blog, passion project and motivation.

Gillian’s approach in the kitchen is to combine
simple techniques inspired by international flavours
to create impressive, yet approachable dishes.
Plus, she loves to have some fun and put her own
take on things such as ackee & saltfish phyllo cups,
finished with a roasted tomato or her signature dish
of braised beef cheek, served on celeriac puree.

It’s Gillian’s passion to bring people together
over food and she always looks forward to
having you “Be a Guest at Your Own (Virtual) Event