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Chef Graham

Hi, I am Chef Graham.


Growing up in a small town in Northern Canada, I had the opportunity to experience an unusual variety of foods from an early age.  In the culinary industry for 25 years, I have had to opportunity to travel experience the world with this career.  I started my career right out of school with formal training, a great attitude and some good luck to get into the right places to help me achieve all my goals I have strived for.  These unique roots gave me the inspiration to follow my passion and to become the chef I am today.

My Favorite ChefTorial

Seared Tuna

Watermelon & Mango relish

Citrus soy drizzle


Maple Glazed Duck Breast

Blackberry risotto, Fennel & Butternut Squash


Chocolate Mousse “Parfait”  

Whisky crushed raspberries

Almond Sugar crumble