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Chef Hulya

Hi, I am Chef Hulya


An East London girl born in the 70s to Turkish Cypriot parents, Hulya was initiated at birth to the power of food and the joy of cooking. At the age of 4, her earliest memories were that of stuffing and rolling vine leaves and eating watermelon and halloumi for dinner.


Regular trips to Cyprus and Green Lanes in Haringay, North London, kept a firm connection with her culture and heritage, embracing all that it had to offer.


Hulya is a professional chef, training in her 30s, after spending many years in the media and marketing scene managing clients in the food sector.


Fast forward 20 years later and she has cooked with chefs such as Silvena Rowe, competed against Tom Aikens and even won awards for her skills in the Eastern Mediterranean kitchen. Her passion for diversity and culture and love of London and the UK, means she has a wide network of friends from all walks of life and enjoys teaching new recipes from around the world.


As an entrepreneur, Hulya had a catering business for over 12 years, organising and delivering corporate and private events. This led her to the wonderful world of teaching and team building. Hulya’s corporate classes for the likes of Linklaters, Tesco, AXA, StudioCanal and many others are always fun, engaging and rewarding.


Hulya is a trained teacher too, teaching young people how to cook as well as running private classes around the UK and working with charities championing cooking on a budget, with groups such as vulnerable adults and those on a low income.