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Chef  Katie

Hi, I am Chef Katie

Katie grew up on a typical kid-centered American diet: fast-food, macaroni and cheese, cereal with milk, bagels and cream cheese, and the occasionally "salad" doused in processed French dressing.


By her late teens she proudly started to expand her daily menu but soon encountered a conglomeration of health issues which primarily presented as digestive distress. Through many doctor appointments, self-study, and experimentation, she eventually found resonance in the concept of "food is medicine." This led her to a more formal education in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Culinary studies in NYC, where she then began a gradual career shift from alternative and traditional teaching to holistic culinary education.


She loves spending time in the kitchen using her creativity with new and old recipes, recipe searching and meal planning, and grocery shopping! When she isn't physically and mentally occupied with food, Katie enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring new places and cultures, learning something new, and playing with her several nieces and nephews.