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Chef   Nevine

Hi, I am Chef Nevine

Nevine Elchibini is a successful educator, author, coach and animator in nutritional wellness and healthy cooking.  


An experienced business professional, natural chef, and volunteer, Nevine has engaged thousands of individuals in the public and corporate sectors in workshops, public speaking events and as a guest on CBC radio talk shows.


Best known for her unique, hands-on, interactive approach, Nevine’s workshops are both educational and fun.  She offers pragmatic solutions for tapping into the health-boosting, protective power of food.  


Nevine’s own journey to healthier nutrition was sparked by her experience with breast cancer in 2008. As she transformed, she made it her mission to inspire others to take responsibility for their own health.  


Nevine practices a healthy lifestyle in Montreal, Canada where she stays physically active and enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and writing.