The IceBox


Create a culinary masterpiece with no recipe only  using the contents of your fridge and pantry.


Guided by a professional chef, from the ChefTorial team, you will build your own recipe for an amazing meal with everyone having the same staple to begin.

Great for easy & fun for corporate team building experiences.

Add a mystery mixologist  experience to accent your IceBox adventure.

The Supper Club


Host your own 

virtual Supper Club 

culinary experience with clients, colleagues, friends or  family.

A fantastic option for non-profits & charities to raise funds through their volunteer network.

Where social  i ntersects with

great food and drink.

Connect virtually through unique Supper  Club   culinary experiences, guided by  a professional chef . All from the safety and comfort of your own virtual kitchens.

As the host, leave ALL the details to our team.  Designing and executing a memorable Supper Club experience for you and your guests  Except for the love and gratitude from your guests.  You handle that!


The Corporate


Great educational experiences for the gourmet connoisseur,  food & beverage companies & associations worldwide.

Yes Chef!

This Cheftorial is serious learning and a ton of fun!

Learn by building your recipe from scratch from a customized program designed by one of our professional chefs.

Buy your ingredients.

Prep your ingredients.

Lean in and build your meal!

Of course, we might need to include a sommelier  to help with our wine choices.  Cheers!


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Holiday Party
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