The IceBox


Create a culinary masterpiece with no recipe only  using the contents of your fridge and pantry.


Guided by a professional chef, from the ChefTorial team, you will build your own recipe for an amazing meal with everyone having the same staple to begin.

Great for easy & fun for corporate team building experiences.

Add a mystery mixologist  experience to accent your IceBox adventure.

The Gala


A Virtual Gala - A night to connect, unite and nourish your company or charity/non-profit.

Social distancing at it's finest, the Virtual Gala, includes all the familiar elements: 

A partnership between an organization and key sponsors to deliver an unforgettable experience including game-changing speakers, world class performers and yes raise money for a great cause.


All centered around connecting through a  dining experience with a professional chef  from the safety and comfort of your own home.


The Executive


If you consider yourself a seasoned cook in the kitchen, The Executive is for you.

Building your meal from scratch from a customized recipe designed by your professional chef.

Buy your ingredients!

Prep your ingredients!

Lean in and build your meal!

Yes Chef!

This Cheftorial is serious learning and a ton of fun!

Great educational experiences for the gourmet connoisseur,  food & beverage companies & associations worldwide.

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