Super Health Food

Culinary Nutrtionist    Maria 

Hi, my name is Chef Maria.


Following an ever developing, organically evolving interest in all thing’s food related, led a teenage restaurant worker to become a culinary graduate and Registered Dietitian. Maria is a wellness foodie through and through. She is the owner of Simple Weight Loss, recent graduate of mushroom foraging camp and current MBA in IT Management student.

The love of food and interest in health converge to form informative targeted conversations benefiting those desiring weight loss, disease prevention and chronic condition management. She draws from a wealth of food and nutrition knowledge gleaned from years of experience working with corporate wellness programs. She is creative and curious to learn more ways to make food delicious and healthy. 

While earning her 4-year bachelor’s degree in Culinary Nutrition she completed a semester cooking abroad.


Following graduation, Maria completed a medically based yearlong nutrition internship and learning opportunity in Southern Living Magazine test kitchen.

Anticipating an increased use of telemedicine she enrolled in an IT Management program to provide wellness education to as many people as possible.