Cocktail Making


Eric Flanagan

Hi, I am Eric!
I fell in love with entertaining at a young age. I love bringing people together, I always have.
Early in my career I quickly noticed how the right atmosphere and a well built drink creates the ideal environment for genuine people to connect, and this is where my love of Mixology and Bartending was born.
I've spent 15 years progressing my way through all aspects of "Front of House" operations for some of the most popular dining and imbibing establishments here in Moncton, Canada.  
After receiving some quality franchise based training to teach me the importance of consistency I was allowed to flourish in the local cocktail scene, developing menus, building cocktail bars from the ground up and consulting on many local drink lists.
After which I dove into the "At home" experiences that I've come to love and look forward to, hosting many social events, parties and training classes for both business and private clients.
Whether it's as simple as opening a bottle of beer, or designing that perfect hand crafted cocktail to complement a Chef's unique plate, my pride lies in meeting my guests (or friends and family) where they are, and tailoring their experience to exactly what the occasion calls for. There is a drink for every occasion, and an occasion for every drink, but there is SO much more to bartending than mixology!
My goal with Cheftorial is to share my depth of skill, knowledge and love of quality beverages with whoever will listen! I believe everyone, with some simple instruction and technique, can make themselves comfortable welcoming guests into their own home, and providing a proper classic manhattan or a hand made custom cocktail for their guests.
I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences, stories and home with you! Cheers!