ChefTorial Commits To Feeding The Hungry With 500 Meals Per Month

Did you know that ⅓ of food produced gets thrown out? And yet, hunger prevails. This year, world hunger is actually on the rise again after a steady decline over the past decade. This is a trend in the wrong direction.

Cooks Who Feed is on a mission to change that. Founded by ChefTorial team member Chef Seema Sanghavi, Cooks Who Feed is a company that “empowers food lovers to take action towards a hunger-free world.” Selling aprons that are ethically-produced by a small team of women in India, Cooks Who Feed rescues food waste with each purchase, turning ingredients into nutritious meals.

With the purchase of each apron, a total of 100 meals are produced! Cooks Who Feed works with charity partners who work to recover fresh surplus food, protecting the environment and providing immediate hunger relief.

That’s why starting in November, ChefTorial is partnering with Cooks Who Feed to purchase 5 aprons each month. Gifting these durable, sustainably-produced aprons to select clients and team members every four weeks, we will provide 500 meals to those in need across Canada, the U.S. and India. Their current 3 charity partners, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine in the US, Second Harvest based in Canada and Zomato Feeding India, assist the company locally in achieving their goals.

“ChefTorial was born to bring the joy of food experiences to the world. For some of us, the opportunity to even have access to food is an experience. We wanted to bridge that gap by supporting the vision of Cooks Who Feed. Through this great organization, ChefTorial will be committing to supporting the delivery of 500 meals per month to those in need. Food is key to the foundation of human dignity and love. We want to contribute to both.” - Rivers Corbett, ChefTorial Founder.

A huge highlight of Cooks Who Feed’s process is that they make an impact with each step. Check out this step-by-step peek inside of the social benefit that the company has:

1) "For every apron sold, food waste is rescued to provide 100 nutritious meals.

2) We bring sustainable fashion to the kitchen. We only use natural, local and recycled fabrics and we take an eco-friendly approach to every stage of production. A lot of detail has gone into designing our aprons to make them stylish, functional and eco-friendly.

3) All our aprons are ethically handmade by a team of underprivileged women in India. We provide these women with safe and fair work with the goal of getting them out of poverty.”

We are so proud to be supporting this great initiative. Looking forward to gifting select clients and staff each month with aprons that make an impact!

*All photos courtesy of Cooks Who Feed.

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