First Look: Inside of an Online ChefTorial

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This week we launched our first online ChefTorials. While the original plan for us was to bring cooking classes into your home, we quickly adapted to the current situation. Fast forward a few weeks and we’re now teaching cooking classes virtually.

A venture in creativity and culinary exploration, online ChefTorials are bringing together communities while we are physically separated. Yes, it’s an opportunity to try out new cooking skills, but a ChefTorial will also connect you with your loved ones or team at work during this isolated time period. Our private ChefTorials have been particularly popular since launch, with over 25 booked in the past two weeks! Perfect for team building, online dinner parties with friends, reconnecting with customers and even meeting new people.

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Tandoori Chicken with Chef Kent

How Does It Work?

Our ChefTorial are interactive, community-centred learning opportunities for cooks of all levels. Prior to your ChefTorial, you’ll receive a detailed shopping list of ingredients to prepare before the lesson. Once you log on to the class in Zoom, you’re in for an educational journey: as we go through the recipe together, you’ll also learn culinary facts, chef knife skills, drink pairings, plating suggestions and more. With Q&A opportunities throughout your ChefTorial, there’s so much to take away!

Chef Kent's mise en place!

Book Your Cooking Class

With several options each week ranging from dinners to desserts, you’ll be spoiled with choice when deciding on your cooking class. Whether you want to book a private class for your team or join the community in a group class, we’ve got you covered.

We know that it’s hard to be away from friends and family right now, and we want you to experience a ChefTorial with those who you miss. That’s why from now until June 1st, we’re offering 2 for 1 pricing! Join a group cooking class with your parent, best friend, partner or whoever else you think might like to join, with the second class on us.

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