Goodbye 2020, But Thanks For The Lessons

It was a year of slowing down and getting creative.

This year has been hard on all of us. No matter where you live or what you do for work, there’s no one on the planet that escaped the effects of the pandemic.

The restaurant and food-service industry was particularly hard hit, with dining in services halted for the better part of the year. But even amidst layoffs and closures, nothing can stop the comfort that a great food experience can bring, nor the devoted passion of a chef.

While 2020 has been undeniably tough, it’s also been unique. This year has taught us how to be resistant in the face of a challenge, and how to innovate. Look how we, as a society, have pivoted and triumphed even amidst fear. Entire industries have had to rethink their day to day to even function amidst the new normal.

2020 has also fostered gratitude for the small things in life. A FaceTime with your loved ones, a delicious meal, your favourite TV show, that first cup of Joe in the morning. We’ve been forced to slow down, and in a world that is constantly pulling us in various directions, that’s a blessing.

If you were lucky enough to have extra free time this year, what did you do with it? Did you try something new? Spend more time with family? Rethink your career? Even if your answer is simply that you spent more time and energy connecting with yourself, that’s a huge win.

So, goodbye to 2020, but also, thank you. Thanks for the chance to pause. Thanks for giving us the space to be more grateful, and the push to be creative. Thanks for the ability to stay connected online throughout all of this.

ChefTorial has worked with over 30 chefs, mixologists and sommeliers since our launch in March. We brought exclusive experiences to your home, spicing up the mundane and introducing you to new adventures in the kitchen. We committed to feeding the hungry thanks to our partnership with Cooks Who Feed. Thank you so much to both our clients and staff for helping turn a tough year into a triumph.

Looking into 2021, the future is hopeful. No matter what next year brings, let’s head into it taking the lessons of 2020 with us.

Here's to great things,

Rivers Corbett

Founder - ChefTorial

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