Here’s How ChefTorial Can Help You Reconnect With Family

The events of the past 12 months have drastically impacted the lives of families, parents and children. No matter where you live or what kind of restrictions are in place, the last year has meant a disruption in typical routines and support systems, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting families indoors for months at a time. During these unprecedented times, keeping children entertained and bonding as a family can be quite a challenge, especially when every day begins to feel the same.

In addition, the restrictions have separated families from those who don’t live under the same roof. Maybe you are missing your adult children, who are scattered across the world. Or perhaps you’re really missing family gatherings where relatives like cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents would come together and share laughs. For many of us, it’s been a long time since gathering with family has been permitted to do freely.

One of the major things that brings people together is food. From dinner parties to backyard BBQs, sports games to birthday parties, making and enjoying food is a central activity for families of all different cultures. It’s a way to bond, show love for someone, and indulge in nostalgia together.

While the current state of things may pose challenges in bringing family together, whether it be because of physical separation or boredom within your own household, cooking together can help bring you and your family together again.

At ChefTorial, we offer live, interactive, virtual cooking classes that can be adapted to your family’s individual needs, wants and taste buds. Read on to learn why cooking as a family can help you through lockdown (and beyond!)

1. It’s a Bonding Activity

When you’re trapped in the house without much on your plate, it can be tricky to find things for the whole family to enjoy. And “Zoom fatigue” can make virtual gatherings unappealing. But an online cooking class can be a solution to both of those problems. It’s a chance to bond with both those near and far, whether you’re learning a new recipe or revisiting a nostalgic one, cooking together is definitely a bonding experience! Plus, it’s an opportunity to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment together as a unit.

2. Cooking Fosters Creativity

A major benefit of cooking for both parents and children alike is that it is a creative activity in and of itself. Especially these days, it’s easy to fall into a mundane routine. Cooking will help spice things up! Cooking is an excellent way to practice creativity in your daily life, for people of all ages. Whether you are brainstorming what recipe to research or coming up with one on your own, cooking invites you to experiment with a daily necessity of life: food.

3. Introduce Children to New Cuisines

Many kids are picky eaters, but being introduced to new food consistently can help them grow out of it faster. If you are a lover of food, passing that on to your children from a young age can be a great gift! You might be apprehensive towards exposing your kids to different cuisines, thinking they likely won’t eat it anyway. But if you don’t stray too far from their comfort zones, and consistently introduce them to new food, they’re sure to make progress. Plus, involving them in the cooking process will make eating more of an adventure, too.

Ready to get your family into the kitchen? Contact us to discuss our family ChefTorial experiences!

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