Our New Icebox ChefTorial: Read All About It!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We are excited to announce our newest program, the Icebox ChefTorial! Faced with the challenge of creating a program where participants could work with what’s already in their fridges, our team of chefs came up with this competitive, entertaining and interactive idea. The Icebox ChefTorial will bring educational fun straight to the kitchens of your clients, your team and your friends!

In this 90 minute online event, participants will be challenged to create a culinary masterpiece with no recipe, using the contents of their fridge and pantry. Guided by a professional chef from the ChefTorial team, you will build a recipe for an appetizer and dessert. Participants will get the chance to practice flavour building from scratch with the guidance of a pro.

Even with a fridge full of food, it can be hard to just whip something up without a recipe. Luckily, there’s a way to work on your cooking creativity ⁠— you’ve got to flex those muscles! Cooking is a great way to practice creativity in your daily life. We also believe this program is a great chance for our chefs to show off their artistry in the kitchen: think of them as your inspiration leaders, helping you discover amazing meals right under your nose.

While this is a challenge, it’s also a learning experience. We will cover a range of cooking skills throughout the event, such as:

  • Knife Skills

  • Kitchen Tools

  • Food Safety

  • Pairing Options

  • Plating Techniques

Once you and your chef decide on what you’re making, you’ll have the remainder of the session to cook and plate your dishes. The Icebox ChefTorial will end with each participant sharing their results with the group.

Since there’s no need to buy certain ingredients for this ChefTorial, it’s a simple and accessible event for everyone. Just use what you already have to create something delicious!

We like to think of the Icebox ChefTorial as our introductory event… if your team enjoys it, there are opportunities to continue on in our program with a private, recipe-based ChefTorial next time. We’re all about education and empowering people to discover their kitchens in a fun way.

Bookings for our Icebox ChefTorials are now available here!

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