Protect Your Business’ Greatest Asset with Our New Health-Focused Program

Your employees are actually your greatest asset as a business owner, and they require TLC.

People matter most in business, because ultimately your team members are those who represent your company and champion your brand, determining whether you succeed or fail.

How do you ensure that your team members produce their best work? Invest in their well-being. Our new partnership program, Eat to Thrive, can help you do just that.

Eat to Thrive is a 8-week program focused on healthy living and overall wellness. Structured around a set of attainable goals, the program introduces “healthy competition” and rewards employees for their successes throughout. According to the program’s founder and certified holistic health coach, Chef Mareya Ibrahim, 8 weeks is the perfect length of time because it provides enough space for before and after results to take shape, and also holds the employee’s interest and attention. Weight loss, fitness and healthy eating are the main focuses of this program.

Flexible to be adapted with varied incentives and progress objectives, the Eat to Thrive program can work for any kind of team looking to engage their employees and keep them healthy. Employers can expect to start experiencing better employee relations, a healthier work environment, reductions in absenteeism, and increased productivity. There can also be a significant monetary ROI, including reduced turnover, injuries and health-related leaves, insurance and worker’s compensation costs.

The effects of Eat to Thrive are priceless, benefiting both your company and your employees. Are you ready to learn more? Contact us today.

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