How Corporate Clients Can Benefit From A ChefTorial

Why are ChefTorials great for team building, fundraising and other community-centered online events?

Don’t just take our word for it.

Annie Frisoli is a skilled facilitator having delivered over 10,000 hours of presentations, live (and virtual) workshops, and numerous group trainings. She’s also the Founder & CEO of Creating Community, LLC and Creator and Designer of the Leadership.Innovation.Teamwork (L.I.T.) Workshop Series.

Annie organized a corporate ChefTorial and shared her experience with us! Read more about the details of why our events would be the perfect match for your business.

1. Why did you decide to book a corporate ChefTorial?

"As Founder & CEO of my company, I was looking for an innovative event to bring past clients (from all over the U.S.A.) together to have a shared experience and feel a sense of community for one night. I look to have touchpoints with my clients to keep them engaged with me and my organization - thus ChefTorial was one of those touchpoints! Also, as a designer of experiences myself, I was looking for something novel and fresh that clients had not seen before and hopefully keep them talking about their time with both ChefTorial and my organization."

2. What did the event achieve?

"The event achieved the ability for past participants/clients of my workshops to not only reconnect with their cohort, but to also meet folks from other cohorts and grow their professional network. The event also achieved laughter, sense of belonging, a bit of friendly competition (that ultimately fed into team bonding) and new cooking skills led by the highly talented Chef Cherrie!

I was amazed by the skill of the Chef and the various delicious plates of food that were created with the chef! It was VERY easy to work with Cheftorial to customize the experience for my group/my organization."

3. Why would this kind of experience be good for other companies?

"This experience brings teams/clients/partners, etc. together in a non-working environment to provide a new level of connection. Between fun banter, cheering on each other's dishes, creating new drinks, learning from an expert chef, it was everything I could have hoped for to positively impact my clients and bring them together! If you are looking to provide a community driven experience that is also a business strategy, then I highly suggest ChefTorial."

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