Cocktail Making

Restauranteur    Hunter Coleman

Hi, it's Hunter


As a lifelong Memphian my appreciation of cuisine and fine beverages

comes naturally. The South is the birthplace of some of the finest chefs in the world and some of the most unique cuisine being prepared.


Because of my twenty years’ experience in the restaurant industry
both in front of the house and in the back, there is not a single position that I have not had in the business. I have curated menus for years with original recipes prompted by seasonal ingredients.
I particularly enjoy the challenge of creating craft cocktails to my customers tastes, and educating them on the ingredients.

I have had the good fortune to travel a good bit both domestically and internationally, tasting the local fare of each location. Upon returning home, I always have new ideas for cocktails and food that are reminiscent of these locations.


I have an affinity for anything Italian especially wine and amaro as I have a strong familial link to Italy and years of working in a boutique Italian